I'm Graham and, someday, I will have 2000 skills!

I do a lot of fanart for Japanese Tokusatsu. I've done a few zines; "Draw A Bike", "Shuwatch" the Ultraman Zine, and "Spinning Through The Seasons" the Beyblade Zine.

I am currently sitting a Creative Writing course at university.

I also had a poem published in a poetry compilation when I was in high school.

I'm originally from central Scotland but now live in the Outer Hebrides. I graduated from college in 2018 after studying radio broadcasting, and did a side year in computing. All my art and writing work is self-taught.

I got into tokusatsu because I wanted to justify paying for my N*tflix subscription and the primary thing I found on there was power rangers. I'd originally planned to get into it in 2014 after watching Samurai Flamenco but couldn't source anything. It progressed from there and here we are now. All my money on henshin toys.

Contact E-Mail: MarineHaddock@gmail.com


I started creative writing seriously when I was about 9 or 10. I always wanted to be an author but that was when I started to actually get into practicing. I've been writing both original stuff and fanfiction ever since! I focus on queer content, humour, and emotionally driven pieces exploring the impacts of events on the characters.

This led to me getting into essay writing when I got into my 20s. I realised I could just straight up write a full analysis to talk about queer readings! I dedicate a lot of time to exploring this aspect of fiction. I also love analysing motivations of non-protagonist characters for the chance to share my understanding of them.

Sometimes my friends have to suffer me doing this to their characters.


I draw digitally pretty exclusively. I like to switch between painterly colouring styles and cell-shading.

My main interests at the minute are drawing stuff related to Japanese tokusatsu shows. It means I've developed a grasp of drawing real people as well as armour.

Previously, I spent a lot of time on drawing middle-aged to old men and they remain one of my favourite things to draw!


I'm a fully-qualified radio presenter and engineer!
I've worked at two stations;

  1. I was the 2-hour lunch time show presenter, delivering one of the stations top shows
  2. I was editing shows for upload on the website and for reruns

Currently, as I've been unable to access a radio station

"Graham, I'm Just DYING To Give You Money!"