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Waiting on the Train

I missed my train again. It’s getting so late; I’m going to have to check if there’s any more coming. I don’t know if the station attendant is even still around. Do station attendants do night shifts? I never stop at the ticket office; I always get a ticket from the machine or get it on my phone if I’m in a rush. I’d usually just pull the timetable up on my phone, but I memorised the one for the work train. I know when the last train is if I’m going home.


Letter to Dr Carlisle

Dr Alexi Carlisle
401 Rothstein Rd
East Bless
EB22 4ZQ

14th of January 2000

Dear Dr Alexi Carlisle,...

Sleepless Nights

Tempestuous rain
On gloomy nights
Sit alone among your plights
Collect your thoughts and hold them close
No one can know what you miss most